Never underestimate a dreamer for it is dreamers who change the world. Paris Ndu is a dreamer and her dreams are as big as the world.

Born in Houston, Texas to Nigerian parents, Paris is a gifted six-year-old who has a passion for fashion and style. She began participating in pageant competitions in 2019 and holds Miss Cypress, Top Model  and Casual wear model titles. The title which she is most proud of is Top Model.

Not only does Paris have a radiant smile that can fill any room, but she is also has a captivating personality. She is bright, tenacious, charismatic, and kind. One of the things she likes most about participating in pageants is the opportunity she has to make new friends which is something she is very good at doing. 

Paris is the CEO of  A Fashion Royal which is a children’s clothing company whose mission is to clothe the world so no child has to live without clothes. She is also the CEO  of Paris Glows is a beauty company whose mission is  to provide  men and women with instruments that will help them look beautiful and healthy. She began these  companies  to generate funds to contribute to charitable organizations that support children's education in Africa. Blessed with a heart to give, Paris donates 10% of every sale she makes to a charitable organization in Africa  that encourages  and helps children to go and stay in school.

An excellent student, Paris excels in Reading, Math, and Science.  She is a straight A student. She is currently a Read to Archive Program Ambassador where she joins a network of readers worldwide working to ensure that every young child who may not be read to at home, has someone to read to them. She is also an ambassador of International Read To me” where she also read to children online.

In 2021, Paris became a published author. In her book entitled "Road To The Crown." she and 10 other authors put together a collection of stories to share their experiences and to empower other girls like them to embrace self-love and exemplify self-confidence. 

While Paris is an only child, this doesn’t stop her from entertaining herself with big dreams and endless possibilities. she enjoys imagining and dreaming Reading, illustration, Singing, and dancing. In the future, Paris plans to be a Model, business owner and The President but until then she is determined to make the world a better place to live.